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GlenBred is the only small animal reproduction referral clinic in NZ run by the only registered specialist in NZ, Dr Fiona Hollinshead and her caring, dedicated team.

Our state-of-the-art semen freezing techniques and semen storage facility guarantees the infinite survival of your irreplaceable genetic lines.

Over the past 10 years we have attained an 86% pregnancy success rate with semen collected, frozen and artificially inseminated by our team.

A phenomenal result

A phenomenal result


In the same 10 year period we have successfully inseminated over 1500 bitches using the internationally acclaimed artificial insemination technique ‘TCI’ (transcervical insemination) developed in NZ by GlenBred’s founder, Dr Marion Wilson. This AI technique has published pregnancy rates equal to and better than those after surgical AI in both NZ and overseas but being non-invasive it is:

  • Pain free
  • Anaesthetic-risk free
  • Surgery-free
  • Sedation free and
  • Fast (5 minute out-patient procedure)

Semen is deposited into the uterus using an endoscope instead of opening up the bitch’s abdomen to expose her uterus. You are able to stand with your bitch and watch the whole procedure take place from start to finish. Very comforting for both bitch and owner.




While specialised techniques are required to work with frozen semen, similar techniques may be applied to breeding dogs of poor fertility to improve chances of pregnancy and litter size. Fiona sees many cases of failed pregnancy or dogs with poor semen quality – many of these cases have been solved with our specialist knowledge and skills.




  • An artificial insemination facility
  • 2 semen laboratories and
  • A dedicated semen storage facility manager


Within these facilities we have specialised equipment that is used to ensure optimum semen quality and pregnancy rates. This includes the latest endoscopic equipment, specialised canine AI catheters, incubators, water baths, microscopes fitted with warm stages, DIC microscopy with a large screen monitor for clients to see images of their dog’s semen and bitch’s vaginal cells, as well as video equipment with DVD recording.


Advanced techniques

Specialist small animal reproduction knowledge

Securing their future bloodlines

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