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Worried about high Non-Return Rates?

Every autumn during pregnancy testing we identify empty cows that were thought to be pregnant to A.B.

Now is the time to consider early scanning at 5 to 6 weeks post mating to identify ‘Phantom Cows’ – animals that you believe to be in-calf, but have actually gone silent. There are several theories as to how and why these cows arise. However, crystal ball gazing and pontificating as to the reason, doesn’t help come pregnancy testing time.

Alarm bells should be ringing if your Non-Return Rate is over 65% (or over 50% in cows that have been mated following a Cue-Mate Treatment). Typically we have found 10-15% of cows to be empty when scanned at this stage, but the range can be massive.

Early identification of these cows allows you to consider the option of doing a Synchrony program, which can increase the pregnancy rate from 25% to potentially 60%. Combined with using short-gestation semen, this can give a significant financial return.

Call the clinic now on 07 888 8197 to book Phantom Cow pregnancy tests if your NRR seems ‘too good to be true’.


Welcome Marisa

Marisa Olivier joined the MVS Team this week as our new Finance Administrator.

Marisa graduated from Stellenbosch University, South Africa in 2002 and then worked in diverse finance roles with multiple companies in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Marisa and her husband, PJ, and their three boys have recently moved from South Africa to New Zealand.

As our Finance Administrator Marisa will be responsible for Accounts Payable, bank reconciliations and general administrative tasks.

Outside of work she enjoys running, spending time with friends and family, baking and making crochet rugs.

We welcome Marisa to the team

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New addition to our Retail Team. MVS Welcomes Gavin Ford

We are please to announce that Gavin Ford has now joined the MVS Team as our Stock & Procurement Manager.


Gavin graduated from Lincoln University in 1996 and soon after, began work for PGG Wrightson in the retail sector. He also spent time working as a general shepherd in the Taranaki hill country. An interest in Animal Health has led him to taking up a role with MVS to further increase his knowledge in this area.


Gavin works with Abby in the retail team to ensure stock levels are kept up to a standard to meet the seasonal requirements of our clients and vets.


Outside of work Gavin enjoys most sports including rugby, tennis and golf. He took up triathlons after his rugby days finished, with his most memorable experience coming while participating in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in San Francisco. He also enjoys woodworking.


Welcome to the team Gavin.

MVS Farewells Neil Brown

After 13 years at MVS Neil Brown, aka Brownie, has decided that now is the right time to retire.

Neil started at MVS in August 2005 after many years of being the local Cobbler, and it didn’t take him long to find his feet at Matamata Vets. He quickly became an integral part of the Retail Team and a valued and respected member of the MVS Family.

Neil has achieved many feats during his time with us, including but not limited to:

  • Getting his forklift license with DG endorsement
  • Being promoted to Retail Manager
  • Having his 3 children all get married
  • Having his 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grandchild

Neil is now awaiting the pending arrival of grandchildren #5 & #6, with his daughter due to have her twins in February 2019.

On behalf of the entire MVS Team, we thank Neil for all his years of outstanding customer service. His dry wit, daily routine of a 3pm cuppa and stories at morning tea will certainly be missed. We wish him all the very best for a long and happy retirement.

Farewell Helen

Helen Snook started at MVS in 2011 as our receptionist and senior administrator and for many years was the first friendly voice you would hear when you phoned the clinic.

A couple of years ago she transitioned across to the Financial Administration role and has been a huge asset to the company with her attention to detail and vibrant personality.

We have loved following Helen in her theatrical performances, especially in her most recent role as the lead in Dusty Springfield.

Helen has been a key member of the MVS Family for over 7 years and we wish her all the very best in her relocation to Taranaki.

Our two-person dehorning team is on the go… Have you got your calf dehorning sorted?

This season our experienced calf dehorner, Trevor Chubb, will be accompanied by another team member, meaning this job will be more efficient than ever before.

Minimum age for dehorning is 3 weeks, or 4 weeks if you wish to include their first 7in1 vaccination. You have the option of including Metacam with the dehorning to help the calves bounce back that much quicker.

With no visit fee or mileage, our dehorning prices are competitive.

A stringent ‘clean on-clean off’ policy means you can have peace of mind with biosecurity.

Phone the clinic on 07 888 8197 to book in Trev and the team for your 2018 dehorning.

We didn’t want to keep you in the dark with this hot deal


A reminder that the large animal counter is open for purchases on a Saturday between 10.00am and 11.00am

Spring 1st Aid Seminar

Run by MVS Farm Veterinarian Grant Fraser. 
A seminar for new farm workers, or for farmers wanting a ‘refresher’.

By the end of this course it is intended that participants will be able to:

  1. Recognise and take appropriate action with common spring diseases of cows and conditions including calving.
  2. Recognise and take appropriate action with common spring diseases of calves including scours.
  3. Understand responsibilities of animal care.
  4. Correctly administer animal remedies and follow industry and legal requirements.


Thursday 12th July 2018
10.00am – 2.30pm
At MVS Equine Hospital, 362 Hinuera Road West, RD 2, Matamata
Morning tea and light lunch provided
Please RSVP by 6th July on 07 888 8197, or email


M. bovis testing update

Commercial testing for M. bovis is now available

In the last few days, a commercial test for M. bovis has been released BUT there are major limitations.

Due to the difficulty of detecting M. bovis in subclinical and carrier animals, a ‘negative’ result can not be interpreted with total confidence. This test could be used for screening animals, but you need to be aware of the limitations. Cost is likely to be between $35 and $60 depending on how many samples you are doing.

If you would like to discuss whether testing is right for you contact your vet at Matamata Veterinary Services on 07 888 8197.

MVS Welcomes Amy Harding

Amy joined the MVS Farm Veterinary Team earlier this month.

She graduated from the University of Queensland in November 2017 and has particular interests in reproductive health and lameness.

Outside of work Amy enjoys sports, anything from netball and Australian Rules Football to polocrosse, outdoor adventures and music.

Amy has been getting out and about on calls with both our veterinarians and technicians and is quickly getting to meet a number of clients. If you haven’t had a chance to meet her yet, no doubt you will some time soon.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend Trading Hours

A duty veterinarian will be available for emergencies on 07 888 8197.


  • Large Animal Counter Closed
  • Small Animal Clinic Open from 10.00am-Noon

SUNDAY 3 JUNE – Closed

MONDAY 4 JUNE – Closed

The clinic will be open for business as usual on Tuesday 5 June

We’d also like to wish farmers all the very best on Gypsy Day. We hope the transition between farms for you, your family and your stock goes smoothly.



Mycoplasma bovis update

We are now fielding many inquiries into this developing situation in New Zealand. People are seeking information on the testing of cattle that are moving from farm to farm.

The facts are:

  • M.bovis testing is NOT simple.
  • Currently the diagnostic labs are struggling to develop an accurate and routinely reliable test. Rest assured work is very much in progress (and has been for some time).
  • All farms that have had animals testing positive are obviously linked to the original source in the lower South Island.


Our recommendations are:

  • Limit stock movements and ‘mixing’ of stock from other farms where possible.
  • Minimise purchase of stock from multiple farms e.g source bulls from a single breeder instead of five.
  • Purchase of stock from composite herds will have higher risk than purchasing from closed pedigree herds.
  • Ensure people interacting with your farm and livestock are ‘clean on – clean off’, i.e. these people (and equipment) arrive clean and are clean before departing.


Finally, this is an evolving situation. The New Zealand Government is still debating eradication versus control and management. We will update you as the situation progresses.

Be on alert for high Nitrate levels…

We have recently had some very high nitrate levels in new grass samples brought into the clinic. This trend is likely to continue over the next few months.

The risk is the highest on rapidly grown crops and grasses, especially following a period of warm overcast conditions. Sunshine will reduce the level of nitrates in pastures.

You are welcome to bring in your crop and pasture samples to the clinic to get their Nitrate levels checked. Alternatively we can sell you an on-farm Nitrate test kit, so you can do ongoing monitoring yourself. For more information, please phone the clinic on 07 888 8197.

Time for trace elements….

Following very low counts last week and this week, we are going to stop monitoring spore counts on our Monitor Farms.

  • Hinuera – 15,000
  • Matamata – No samples tested this week
  • Piarere – No samples tested this week
  • Te Poi – No samples tested this week
  • Walton – No samples tested this week

We strongly recommend you check the levels on your farm before stopping Facial Eczema protection.

Take care especially if we get unseasonably warm humid weather in the next month or so, as spore counts can rebound quickly in the right conditions.

Your weekly spore count bulletin: Are we there yet?….

  • Hinuera – No samples tested this week
  • Matamata – Nil
  • Piarere – 30,000
  • Te Poi – 20,000
  • Walton – No samples tested this week

The answer is probably, but we are still seeing the occasional high spore count coming through the clinic.

We will continue to check our monitor farms until counts are below 30,000 consistently.

To be sure you are going to be safe, then get some pasture samples from your farm checked. For more information phone the clinic on 07 888 8197.

Clinic closed for ANZAC Day

The clinic will be closed on 25th April  to observe ANZAC Day.

A duty veterinarian will be available on 07 888 8197.

We will reopen at 8.00am Thursday 26th April.

Are you considering reducing your zinc input levels?

  • Hinuera – No samples tested this week
  • Matamata – 5,000
  • Piarere – 25,000
  • Te Poi – 35,000
  • Walton – Nil

Spore counts are showing that the risk of Facial Eczema has declined since last week. While many will be considering reducing, or stopping zinc completely, our recommendation is to confirm this is the case on your farm prior to doing so. The safest way to do this, is to bring in grass samples for testing.

For more information please phone the clinic on 07 888 8197.

Has the cold snap had an impact on spore counts?

  • Hinuera – 60,000
  • Matamata – 5,000
  • Piarere – 20,000
  • Te Poi – 200,000
  • Walton – Nil

It is too soon to say if the recent cold snap has had an impact on spore counts at this stage, although it will likely influence them later in the week.

We still have high spore counts on some of our monitor farms, while others have dropped off to zero. Our recommendation is before you reduce your facial eczema preventative measures that you confirm spore counts are low on your farm by taking pasture samples. 

As a general rule it is at the start and the end of the facial eczema season, where prevention has started too late or ended too soon, that we see the most clinical cases of facial eczema.

What is going on with spore counts this week?

  • Hinuera – 110,000
  • Matamata – 5,000
  • Piarere – 25,000
  • Te Poi – 200,000
  • Walton – 5,000

There is still a large amount of variation in the spore counts of our monitor farms and there are cows appearing with clinical Facial Eczema.

With this level of variability it is important to either maintain full rates of Zinc supplementation or to monitor your farm for spores to ensure your animals are not exposed.

Is the cooler weather dropping the spore counts?

  • Hinuera – 195,000
  • Matamata – 30,000
  • Piarere – 105,000
  • Te Poi – 25,000
  • Walton – 5,000

Our counts demonstrate this is definitely not the case, with an increase in spore counts seen across the board.

Based on this we recommend you continue with your current zinc supplementation.

Easter Trading Hours

The Team at MVS wish you a happy and safe Easter


A duty veterinarian will be available for emergencies on 07 888 8197


  • Good Friday – CLOSED
  • Saturday 31st March – Small Animal Clinic Open from 10am-Noon
    • Large Animal Counter Closed
  • Easter Sunday – CLOSED
  • Easter Monday – CLOSED

The clinic will be open for business as usual on Tuesday 3rd April 8.00am-5.00pm

A real mixture of spore count results this week…

  • Hinuera – 90,000
  • Matamata – 5,000
  • Piarere – 40,000
  • Te Poi – Nil
  • Walton – 20,000

Some of our monitor farms are getting nil spore counts, while others are getting high risk results.

If you are questioning whether to continue treatment or not, then we recommend bringing in samples to see what is happening on your farm.

For more information on how to collect samples, pop into the clinic at 26 Tainui St Matamata and grab a handout from the front counter, or phone us on 07 888 8197  and we can email one through to you.

Introducing our new Retail Manager

Abby joined MVS this month as our Retail Manager.


She graduated from WINTEC in 2011 where she gained her vet nursing diploma. She then relocated to Western Australia where she worked in a mixed animal clinic vet nursing and continued travelling up north to experience outback nursing in a small animal clinic. She then finished her Australian travels in Perth at a small animal hospital before moving back home to Matamata in January 2017. Here she started in an administration position with Bayleys Real Estate covering advertising, social media and sales support.


Abby’s experience in both the veterinary industry and in sales made her the natural choice to manage our Retail department. She brings with her skills of innovation and beyond to our valued customers.


Outside of work Abby enjoys spending time with her daughter and family on their Richmond Downs farm, working on an ever expanding vegetable garden, reading and spending time at the family beach house in Pauanui. Abby has recently made an addition to the farm with a MVS rescue kitten called Pablo.

Have you RSVP’d to the Free* Seminar?

Autumn change and no reduction in spore counts

  • Hinuera – 120,000
  • Matamata – 5,000
  • Piarere – 115,000
  • Te Poi – 10,000
  • Walton 5,000


We are now receiving inquiries from farmers wanting advice on follow up zinc bolus treatments. As the numbers show, spore counts are still very high on many farms, meaning animals left untreated are at very high risk of suffering from Facial Eczema. Based on this, for animals that are due, the second round of zinc boluses should be going in now.


Phone the clinic on 07 888 8197 for more information.

*Free staff training

Whether we like it or not, there is likely to be ongoing changes for antibiotic use on our farms.

Together with Zoetis, we present to you a staff seminar discussing the latest research and practical implications of improving dry cow therapy responses, while minimising antibiotic usage. We will also cover correct teatsealant and dry cow therapy administration techniques.



  • Monday 26th March 2018
  • 10.30am-12.30pm
  • At the clinic: 26 Tainui Street, Matamata
  • Lunch provided
  • RSVP by Thursday 22nd March on 07 888 8197 or email

*Free to MVS Farm Clients. $77 to non-clients. All welcome.

High spore counts continue…

  • Hinuera – 80,000
  • Piarere – 90,000
  • Te Poi – 15,000
  • Walton – 15,000

Continue to do your normal preventative measures, or if you want to know what’s happening on your farm, then bring in 4 grass samples to be processed.

Phone the clinic for more information on 07 888 8197.


  • Face-Guard zinc boluses
  • Zinc sulphate for water treatment
  • Solutrace FE-Organic Minerals + Zinc in one easy formula – both drenching and water treatment available

BE IN TO WIN a $500 Hunting & Fishing NZ gift voucher with purchases of Face-Guard. See in store for details.

Weekly spore count bulletin

From last week’s almost non-existent counts to seriously high counts this week
  • Hinuera 170,000
  • Matamata 250,000
  • Piarere 118,000
  • Te Poi 5,000
  • Walton 120,000

The on-going monitoring of our monitor farms is showing us the massive variation between paddocks and farms.

If you want to know what’s happening on your farm, then collect 4 samples from different paddocks and we will process them for the cost of 3 samples ($60+GST).

Phone the clinic for more information on 07 888 8197.

Spore count results for this week…

Our monitor farms have had low spore counts this week. Other farms outside of the monitor farms have had high results. It is really highlighting to us here at the clinic, the massive variability in counts within a small area.

  • 15,000 at Piarere
  • 15,000 at Te Poi
  • 10,000 at Walton
  • 10,000 at Matamata

Contact the clinic for more information on 07 888 8197.



  • Face-Guard zinc boluses
  • Zinc sulphate for water treatment
  • Solutrace FE-Organic Minerals + Zinc in one easy formula – both drenching and water treatment available

BE IN TO WIN a $500 Hunting & Fishing NZ gift voucher with purchases of Face-Guard. See in-store for details.