Our Services

Email Bulletins

Our clients are updated regularly on any significant animal health issues via email bulletin. Examples include spore count alerts in the Facial Eczema season and risks such as nitrate poisoning and bloat.

Spore counting

During the Facial Eczema season grass samples are brought into MVS by farmers for testing. Each week a ‘spore count alert’ email bulletin is sent to clients with a list of counts for the week along with district levels. Any client who would like to be included please contact the clinic on 07 888 8197 with your email address.

Ambulatory – Traditional service

We pride ourselves on our record of prompt, professional service and this is recognised by our clients as one of our key strengths. Our vets have a wide range of skills and backgrounds, and are more than happy to share their collective experience with clients. Whatever the problem, we can help you solve it, and fast.

Nutritional Consultancy

Fluctuating land values have increased the importance of maximising production per hectare. But it isn’t just about adding random supplements. It’s about supporting farmers with feed budgeting advice, the right dietary ration formulations and nutritional knowledge. All our vets are skilled and experienced in this area and regularly help clients with feed decisions.


If you have any concerns or require assistance with this serious issue, our vets are available to visit farms and sheds during milking, identify problems and put together a plan to rectify them. Our investment in the area of mastitis includes having experienced vets, an experienced milking machine tester, an on-site lab dedicated to milk sample culturing and a portable DeLaval Somatic Cell Count machine.


MVS has two board-certified specialists in the field of reproduction, with special interest in bovine. One of these specialists (Dave Hanlon) has actively driven bovine anoestrus trial work. Call us first for expert help with fertility issues and we can put together a program based on the very latest research and scientific protocols.

Other farm species

Over the past decade there has been a significant increase in the number of commercial dairy goat farms in our area, as well as alpaca farming. We currently provide routine and emergency care to a large percentage of these farms.

Staff training

As farms get bigger and more reliance is placed on staff to get the job done, training has become increasingly important. MVS provides both formal ‘classroom’ type modules such as Spring First Aid and Reproduction Management programs as well as more informal on-farm training at a client’s request. We can tailor to suit your specific farming system and/or any associated problems.

Financial analysis

MVS utilises industry-developed software and has further developed a program that allows clients to discuss animal health expenditure as well as benchmark potential problems. The program has proven extremely useful in identifying areas where expenditure can be reallocated to maximise returns.

Retail Integrity and Advice

Have confidence in our retail philosophy of stocking and recommending products with sound research backing label claims. All staff are fully trained to give straightforward, knowledgeable advice. Our aim is to provide the best solution for your individual needs.