Exportation of frozen semen

Exporting Frozen Canine Semen from New Zealand


Thank you for your interest in exporting frozen semen from New Zealand. We endeavor to make an often-complicated process stress free for you, by handling all necessary paper work.

  1. OMAR: Overseas Market Access Requirements

In order to export frozen canine semen, New Zealand must have an ‘Overseas Market Access Requirement’ (OMAR) with that country. Currently New Zealand has OMARs with: Australia, USA, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, The Republic of South Africa, and Norway. MPI is consistently updating, revoking, and introducing new OMAR’s. For further information, please refer to the MPI website: https://www.mpi.govt.nz/exporting/animals/semen-and-embryos/requirements/

As many OMAR’s no longer exist between New Zealand and overseas countries, especially those in Europe, you may have to export your frozen semen via Australia. Australia has more export agreements than New Zealand with overseas countries and they can be found here: https://micor.agriculture.gov.au/live-animals/Pages/default.aspx

If you cannot find the country you are hoping to export to on the website, you will need to contact the country’s government officials directly for further direction.

After you have confirmed the requirements of the importing country, further information regarding exporting from Australia can be found here: http://www.agriculture.gov.au/export/controlled-goods/live-animals/reproductive-material#general-information. We will then freeze your dog’s semen to meet the requirements of the final country.  Alternatively, you can contact an exporting agent in Australia to discuss options for getting your semen to its final destination. We recommend using an agent in Australia as they will need to import the semen from GlenBred and export it to its final destination. However, this is unfortunately a significantly more expensive export with more potential complications.  Alternatively, you can contact  MPI and potentially work with them in creating an OMAR for the country you wish to export to.

Once you have confirmed that an OMAR or export agreement exists for the country you wish to export your frozen semen to, the next step is to make sure that the semen you already have frozen meets all the current requirements of the country you are exporting to. Again, you can do this by going to: https://www.mpi.govt.nz/exporting/animals/semen-and-embryos/requirements/ or if New Zealand has no OMAR, then the Australian website: https://micor.agriculture.gov.au/live-animals/Pages/default.aspx

If the semen you currently have in storage does not meet these requirements, OR if you have not yet collected your dog’s semen, we will organize a collection time as well as any required tests to be carried out on your dog prior to, or after semen collection (depending on the exporting country’s requirements). We will freeze your dog’s semen using methods and extenders and freezing techniques that meet all the conditions and requirements of the country you wish to export to. After this step, the paperwork process (see below) for exportation will begin.

Sadly, if the dog is no longer alive or able to produce semen there are not many options. Application to MPI for equivalency can be requested, but this is often a time consuming, expensive, and frustrating process.


  1. Export Paperwork Process and Costs

Once it is determined that your frozen semen is eligible for export the following process will be taken.

  • GlenBred will obtain and complete the required MPI export certificate and shipping documents.
  • GlenBred will make contact with the importer to obtain any special shipping requirements including address, agent details, and preferred shipping carrier etc.
  • All documents will be sent through to the importer for approval prior to shipping.
  • Container will be packed and sent via our Auckland agent with MPI documents for export.

We can only proceed with the export once a deposit of $1000 (incl. GST) is received and any collection, freezing and storage fees have been paid for. We will ask that you send this deposit along with the signed Export Terms and Conditions prior to us preparing the MPI and shipping documents for your shipment.

After your export has been completed, we will take the deposit off the total cost of your shipment. We advise clients to allow between $1500 and $2500 to cover the export costs.  This is made up of an administration fee, MPI fees, export fees, taxes, international agent’s fees, customs duties, and freight.  An invoice for these variable fees will be forwarded after GlenBred has received all associated costs (normally within a month of the shipment leaving New Zealand).  There will be fees associated with the clearance of the semen upon arrival in the importing country and the return of the container to New Zealand – please contact the importer to discuss these fees as these are not included in the above estimate.

Insurance: The semen owner will be responsible for insurance of the semen whilst in transit.  Please contact your own insurance provider regarding this.


  1. Some Tips and Advice on Exporting Frozen Semen

  • We recommend shipping as much semen as possible at once as it will cost the same to export 1 straw as it will to export 100 straws.
  • We also recommend that plenty of notice be given of your intentions to export semen so that where possible, shipments can be combined to make the process more economical for all involved.
  • Please allow at least 4 weeks for the organisation of an international shipment of semen.
  • All contracts and stud fees are to be negotiated between you and the stud dog owner directly.
  • Please be aware that the GST is the responsibility of the semen owner.


Please do not hesitate to contact GlenBred Semen Storage & Distribution Manager, Georgia Young, by emailing georgia@matavet.co.nz, if you have any further questions or would like to initiate the export process.