Emergency & Critical Care

During business hours there are always trained and experienced Veterinary Staff in the hospital for sudden emergencies. If possible, phone the clinic for advice and to let us know you are on your way so we can prepare for your arrival.


Outside business hours, veterinarians are available to see emergencies. Please understand the veterinarian is not based at the clinic, so you will need to phone the normal clinic phone number 07 888 8197 and the after hours service will manage your emergency.


We have a focus on providing high quality emergency care through trained personnel, quality systems and equipment. This includes:

  • Blood Pressure Assessment, HSO and doppler
  • Pulse Oxymetry
  • In House Lab for quick results
  • Fluid Pumps for accurate fluid therapy
  • Range of available fluids including Fresh Frozen Plasma and whole blood
  • Oxygen Therapy