Chilled Semen

Chilled Semen

May 15, 2012

Shipping chilled semen around New Zealand is becoming more popular as transport costs rise. It allows mares to stay in their home environment or close by during the monitoring of her cycle, and also removes the risk of your stallion getting injured during natural service. We aim to make the process of collecting and shipping semen stress free for you as the stallion owner, by handling all shipping details, charging and liaising with the mare owner or their vet. The ideal series of events would be:

  1.  MVS is advised that the mare will be PG’d or scanned in the next few days. At this stage we will advise you as the stallion owner of a pending collection.
  2.  All request forms are completed, along with shipping address etc
  3.  Semen is requested at least 48 hours prior to semen being required
  4.  MVS organizes collection time to fit in with stallion owner and flights
  5.  Collection takes place at MVS – an easy ‘walk in’ process.
  6.  Semen is processed, assessed and taken to airport by MVS.

Of course there are always exceptions (i.e. semen is requested on the day it is required!), which are not ideal, but we do our best to fit in and meet the requirements of all involved.

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