Farm Intro Homepage

Farm Intro Homepage

November 25, 2011

We’ve been part of the Matamata community since 1947, one of the first private veterinary practices to be established in New Zealand, and now one of the largest private practices in the North Island. The team is proud to work with approximately 150 farms, mainly dairy cow but also drystock and goat as well.


Why choose us?


Trust our people: We have a stable and experienced veterinary team. As a result of this longevity MVS veterinarians have the local experience at the individual farm level meaning our finger is already on the pulse when your call is placed.

Just as important, our knowledge and understanding of local farms and the district is second to none. We are absolutely committed to our clients and work tirelessly to ensure positive long term results in farm animal health planning.

Our vets are:

  • Dr Greg Jarratt
  • Dr Grant Fraser
  • Dr Rhona Fraser
  • Dr Christopher Bozzo
  • Dr Tom Sarjant
  • Dr Andrew Maudsley


Our technicians are:

  • Trevor Chubb
  • Katelyn Roberts
  • Caitlin Verberne

For further information on our staff, please click on the ‘Team’ page.


Our services: When it comes to valuable livestock there is no second best. We pride ourselves on prompt, professional care backed by investment in state-of-the-art equipment and top quality products. We are in the box seat to assist you with all your animal health needs and improving farm productivity and profitability.



“We have found MVS to be of great value to our dairy business.

They understand and listen to what we want to achieve. Their animal health, nutritional knowledge and practical advice has helped us improve herd health and productivity.

The staff are always friendly and helpful. We couldn’t have made a better choice for our veterinary services”.

Lawrence and Ellie Voorend, March 2017



“Last season was tough. It effectively rained non-stop for 5 months. Working 7 days a week in the mud and rain was bleak and it can take its toll physically and mentally. MVS got it and they cared. Really cared. Not just about the animals, or even the business, but about the people. Whether it was Greg or Grant, Murray or Trevor (technicians) or Katherine in the office – everyone made a point of checking up on how I was doing, how I was coping. That personal approach made a world of difference, especially being sole charge and working on my own. Having someone who understood the challenges was invaluable.

Toward the end of the season when herds are starting to dry off, MVS conducts annual milk quality meetings with their dairy farming clients. They take a partnership type approach, exploring opportunities to improve volume and lower cell counts for the coming year. Greg and I met at the beginning of the month where he advised me on feed budgeting and nutrition, as well as optimising pregnancy rates and herd health. These types of continuous improvements have helped me achieve an 8% growth in MSkg and I’m hopeful of regaining the annual MVS Milk Quality Award this season.

I’m not your average dairy farmer. I don’t milk the largest herd and there are significant challenges in being sole charge. I have to think smarter and be open to different ideas about increasing production and maintaining quality in order to improve my business. It’s lucky then that MVS isn’t your average veterinary practice either and thanks to their help and service above and beyond the norm, my business is on the rise and rise”.

Megan Burr, May 2018

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