Sophie Ireland | BVSc

Sophie Ireland | BVSc

February 7, 2023

Mixed Animal Veterinarian

Sophie joined MVS in January 2023 and works with both the small and large animal team.

Sophie is a Massey University graduate and spent time with MVS on her university placements and decided she would like to be a part of the team!

Sophie grew up with an array of her own animals over the hill in rural Tauranga and has wanted to be a Vet since day one!

Outside of work Sophie enjoys going to the beach and local waterholes with her dog, adventuring outside and exploring the beautiful walks in NZ, going to the gym, and socialising with her friends and family.

Andrew Maudsley | BVSc

May 22, 2020

Production Animal Veterinarian

Andrew joined MVS in January 2020 as part of our Production Animal Internship.

Andrew is from a farming town in South-East Queensland and graduated from James Cook University in Townsville, Australia in 2019. During his final year he took part in a 2-week Externship in Farm Animal Medicine and Production at MVS, which then started the pathway to his internship role.  Andrew has a keen interest in Pathology, Microbiology and Surgery.

Outside of work Andrew enjoys line fishing, spearfishing, cricket and hunting.

Christopher Bozzo | BVSc

January 18, 2018

Production Animal Veterinarian

InCalf Advisor

Adjunct Lecturer Massey University


Christopher joined MVS in January 2018 as part of our Farm and Small Animal teams.

Christopher graduated from James Cook University Australia in 2017, and after spending time in the Waikato as a student he decided that it would be a great place to begin his veterinary career. That said he applied and joined MVS in 2018 as a Farm Animal Intern for a year, and he liked it so much he decided to stay on and become a permanent part of the team.

Chris has a special interest in Mastitis and Nutrition and is working on continuing his education in both areas so he can offer our clients the best possible advice. Chris is an accredited SmartSAMM Advisor meaning he can help both clients and non clients improve their milk quality through industry funded investigations.

Chris also enjoys working with Massey University to cater to their Farm Animal Externship Program. MVS gets approximately 40 final year Vet students throughout the year. This work involves liaising directing with the university to ensure that teaching standards at MVS are being met and also giving feedback on the university’s course layout and teaching structure.

Outside of work Chris enjoys getting out and about exploring New Zealand, as well as doing odd jobs around the house. He likes to think he’s got the best lawn in Matamata.

Tom Sarjant | BVSc

October 29, 2017

Production Animal Veterinarian

InCalf Advisor

Deer develveting supervisory vet

Body condition score accredited

Zoetis Veterinary Advisory Series (Sheep consultancy) certified

Tom joined MVS in October 2017 as part of our Farm Team and as a locum veterinarian. Finally staying in one place for longer than 6 months he happily has a permanent position at MVS.

Tom graduated from Massey University in 2011. Since then he has spent 4 years working in Southland as a large animal veterinarian and just over 1 year in Chile, South America working as a supervisor of multiple dairy farms. He has also spent some time locuming in the UK as well as within NZ.

Tom’s interests within work include reproductive advisory for dairy farms and he also enjoys working with sheep, beef and deer farmers. He is keen to provide solutions for farmers that improve productivity on farm while maintaining a high level of animal welfare.

Outside of work Tom enjoys participating in a wide range of sports including touch, social netball, squash, running, surfing, skiing/snowboarding and waterskiing/wakeboarding. He also enjoys trekking, hunting and fishing. Other than sports, he enjoys socializing and likes to challenge himself by learning new skills.

Grant Fraser | BVSc

March 7, 2012

Production Animal Veterinarian

InCalf Advisor

Body Condition Score Accredited

Grant Fraser joined MVS in January 2012 as part of the Farm Veterinary Team.

Grant graduated from Massey University in 2006. He initially worked in a dairy practice in Te Awamutu for 3 years before moving to the UK to work in rural practices in Cornwall, Wales, Staffordshire and Derby.

Grant is a key member of the Farm Team with interests in mastitis, reproduction and nutrition.

Outside of work Grant has recently retired from playing rugby and is busy raising his son Angus with his wife Rhona. As his young family matures, he hopes to be getting back to surfing and mountain biking, plus following his son in his sporting endeavours.

Greg Jarratt | BSc, BVSc

November 26, 2011

Production Animal Veterinarian


InCalf Advisor

First Step Lameness Investigator

Greg Joined MVS at the start of 2001 as a locum for the small and large animal team after recently returning from the UK having locumed there for 2 years.

Greg graduated in May 1996 from Massey University and began work in Waihi as a mixed animal Veterinarian. After 18 months he moved to Anexa Morrinsville (Animal Health Center at the time) where a further two years were spent before heading off on his OE to the UK.

Greg now spends his time working alongside local farming clients doing both ambulatory work typical of Veterinarians and additional nutritional planning for farms. Greg has a keen interest in Ruminant Nutrition and his articles feature monthly in the Rural News where topical farm issues focussing on mainly nutritional issues are discussed. In February 2017 after 20 years since he last formally studied, Greg dusted off his books and enrolled in the MVM (Masters in Veterinary Medicine) program held extramurally through Massey University.

Outside of work Greg enjoys road cycling having completed the Taupo Cycle challenge 6 times now, traveling with his family and barbequing up a storm in his spare time.


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