March 23, 2017


  • IDEXX Blood Machine – Haematology & Biochemistry within the hour when needed
  • Cytology Interpretation – Microscope and staining system to include ear samples, lump aspirates and vaginal cytology
  • Urinalysis, sediment exam and culture
  • FIV/Parvo Serology
  • Blood Glucose



Any specimen that needs to go to an external laboratory for specialist testing are couriered to Hamilton on one of 4 scheduled courier pick ups through the day.




Sedecal 125kV 300mA x-ray generator with digital CR allows us to image even the biggest dogs and the unit provides excellent quality images that help with accurate diagnosis. The digital imagery allows us to send images instantly around the world for any outsourced image assessment.

We provide health testing x-ray services to include, but not limited to:

  • PennHIP (hip dysplasia risk scoring)
  • Australian Hip and scoring
  • NZVA elbow scoring
  • Spinal x-rays for hemivertebral assessment
  • Lumbar spine x-rays for lumbosacral disease assessment

To ensure safety to our patients and staff, pets may need to be sedated for x-rays. This assessment is based on the views needed to be taken and the health of the pet involved.




Ultrasound is a non invasive method that uses sound waves to form a picture of the interior of the body without using radiation. The procedure can often be done with no, or only mild sedation.

Ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool with many uses, including evaluating pregnancy, heart function, liver and kidney disease, vomiting and diarrhoea, abdominal masses, soft tissue injuries and ligament or tendon damage.

In order to offer the very best in ultrasonography we have invested in a MyLAB 30VET gold to help provide the images for assisting in diagnosing and treating your pet.


Plaque and tartar accumulation are a common finding in our pets and can quickly cause gum infection, tooth root disease pain and infection in the blood stream, heart and kidneys.

We believe pets deserve the best in dental care, so provide the best dental services we can.

All of our dental patients are under a full general anaesthesia with intubation to protect their airways from the moisture of the dental procedure. They are placed on a warming pad with warm blankets over their bodies and have monitoring equipment to include pulse oximetry (monitoring heart rate and blood oxygenation), respiratory and blood pressure where needed. Intravenous fluids are administered using an automated drip pump to ensure accurate fluid administration.

Teeth are charted before and after the dental and photos can be taken to show owners the difference the dental procedure can make.

Pain relief is given in the form or oral nerve blocks, opoids and post-op non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Antibiotics are given when necessary.

We have a high speed iM3 GS deluxe LED dental cart with an iM3 scaler, which allows our vets to give the safest and most effective dental care available.

After the dental procedure, we are able to have a detailed consultation with you to help maintain your pet’s oral health to minimise the need for dental procedures in the future.




The thorough examination of the heart requires not only radiography and ultrasound, but also examination of the electrical activity occurring within the heart.

This information is provided by the ECG machine.




We have two measurements of blood pressure being HDO and Doppler.

Studies have shown the blood pressure management is a very important component of many diseases including kidney, heart and thyroid disease. Managing blood pressure during anaesthetic is also very important to reduce effects on organs during the procedure.

The Doppler system is used in the surgical situation to optimise blood pressure. The HDO system is used in the clinical situation around the tail or forearm of the pet and can be used in a consultation situation.




Sometimes in the best interest of you and your pet’s health we may recommend referral. This may be either in-house or external.




  • The Veterinary Specialist Group – Auckland
  • Animal Eye Centre – Auckland/Hamilton
  • Veterinary Dermatologist – Auckland/Hamilton

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