April 10, 2018

Matamata Veterinary Services supports the efforts of ‘Dogs New Zealand’ (formally the NZ Kennel Club), alongside many breeders and organisations, to reduce the incidence of inherited disorders in various dog (and also cat) breeds. The primary aim is to breed happier healthy pets .


The risks for heritable diseases can be greatly reduced through careful breeding practices, beginning with screening examinations and genetic testing of the parents of a litter. Each breed (and mixed-bred dogs too) have their own particular hereditary problems.


Matamata Vets is excited to provide these health screening services and passionate about supporting and helping breeders of all breeds to make the best breeding decisions. We are here to help answer the myriad of questions about health testing. We will try to reduce the confusion about which tests are required for which breeds, what information you can get from these recommended tests and most importantly, how best you can use this information to make effective breeding decisions that are relevant to your breeding program.


For information on testing that is recommended for different breeds please download the attached document.


Once you have determined which tests are relevant for your breed please find further information on the “healthy breeding’ dropdown tabs.


Contact us on 07 888 8197 with further questions or to make a booking for your tests.

Breed Health Testing for the Dogs New Zealand Accredited Breeders Scheme

March 19, 2018

For more information on Breed Health Testing for the Dogs New Zealand Accredited Breeders Scheme, please download the document HERE.

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