April 19, 2018

Hemivertebra is a congenital spinal malformation where only one side of the vertebral body develops, resulting in deformation of the spine.   These vertebrae have an increased likelihood of causing neurological problems if pressure on the spine or nerves occurs due to the malformation.

Predisposed breeds include but are not limited to the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug & Boston Terrier.

X-rays of the spine are taken and submitted for scoring to Dr Mariano Makara (or other requested registered scorers). To have x-rays submitted for scoring the dog must be over a year old, however we can take x-rays earlier, to assess the potential for breeding at as young as 4 months.

A general anaesthetic is required for this testing.


Testing Requirements:

  • Your dog must be over a year old
  • Your dog must be microchipped
  • All registration paperwork must be presented if they are a registered pedigree
  • Your dog must have been fasted for 8 hours prior to GA
  • Other scoring such as Hip dysplasia x-rays can be done at the same time, therefore most dogs will stay with us from 2-3 hours minimum
  • If your dog is in the show ring you can request no clipping of legs.


*Results can take 4 weeks so please allow for this when planning mating’s.


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