Small Animals Intro

Small Animals Intro

November 27, 2011


Our Small Animal Team is dedicated solely to the excellence in care of your pets.

The level of knowledge and experience within this team, coupled with excellent equipment and facilities, ensures you will receive top class service and patient care.

Our veterinary nursing team are all qualified and are dedicated to making your pets’ visits and stays as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Along with veterinary care, we have pet products and food to help you take the best care of your animal. We are happy to advise you and answer any queries you may have concerning the care and welfare of your pet.

We love our own pets as much as you love yours. If you want the best care for your pets, you have come to the right place.



MVS Small Animals is a BESTPRACTICE Accredited practice and have been since 2012. The NZ Veterinary Association BESTPRACTICE Scheme is the only voluntary accreditation programme for veterinary clinical practices in New Zealand and promotes a high standard of professionalism and service.  Every 2 years the practice is audited by an independent auditor and the programme focuses on ongoing evaluation of the practices standard protocols for maintaining a high level of excellence in surgical, medical, diagnostic and nursing fields.

For pet owners this means we are dedicated to providing you with consistently high standards for care including anaesthesia, pain relief, vaccination protocols, facilities, medicines and education and training of staff.



The sciences of medical diagnoses and treatment are expanding at an exponential rate. To ensure the services being provided are modern and appropriate, MVS Veterinarians and Nurses regularly attend training and courses both in New Zealand and overseas. This enables our veterinarians to provide you with the best options and choices for your companion animals.


Professional development is not just about attending conferences and courses however. It is about continually striving to provide the best care possible. To enable our staff to achieve this goal MVS Small Animals provides a library of resource material and access to on-line learning and information. This continual development of knowledge and staff ensures that options available at MVS Small Animals are both broad and up to date.



“I have been having problems with my Labrador Archie’s ears since he was born 4 years ago and have been to numerous different vets and specialists. Since coming to the Matamata Vet Services small animals over a year ago, nothing has been a problem and the care and effort put into Archie has been amazing!! The communication from the staff and timely effort with appointments has been outstanding. Archie’s ears have improved significantly, and he is now a happy dog. Thank you for your amazing service and I highly recommend”.



“Just wanted to say, I have been in for a few things with my pup in the last 6 months and every time I come in, you all have been so amazing and friendly.  My dog is always feeling relaxed around all the vets and can see all the compassion your team have for animals.  This has brought a smile to my face for a stressful time with a sick pup.   So grateful to have an amazing local vet for my precious puppy!”

Abigail Dawn


“Thank you so much for your amazing service always. Especially going that extra mile to make sure our fur babies were able to be cared for during all of the levels of lockdown. We very much appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness always”

The Burnell family.


“Wanted to thank you and your team at MVS for the care we and Meg, our 12 year old Labrador have received over the last weeks.

You managed to give us all the information needed to understand her surgery and reassure us so we could make the right decision.

Meg is family and it was clear that your team knew that. There were lots of things that made a difference, the post-op phone call, nurse letting Meg follow her around to help settle her and most important to a Lab, feeding her when she was able to eat again.

Meg is full of life again and it is great to have her back.

See you at her next check-up”.

Shelley and Jon Summers



“In July, I presented the team at Matamata Vets a dog suffering major convulsions. He was really at death’s door from major toxic poisoning. The previous night I had fed dog roll that had mould on the end. I had cut off and fed what I though was clean meat. No to be.

After a trip to work in the morning he went downhill rapidly and by the time I rang the clinic, he was not doing so well.  When I arrived, Dr Susan Murray and the team flew into action and administered all sorts of medical treatment and over the next two/three days brought him back. I have nothing but high praise for their knowledge and skill used in saving his life.

Fast forward to today and Mac is about to be a father (at 12 years old) which again I am grateful to the team at MVS, as had he died, his line would have ended there.

I hope the team delight in knowing that, because of their expertise, there is a happy old dog out there and a very happy owner.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a top team.

Sincerest regards ”

Steve Hill





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