Unusual skin condition – in the words of Baz Lurhmann ‘wear sunscreen’

Unusual skin condition – in the words of Baz Lurhmann ‘wear sunscreen’

July 22, 2024

Handsome man Mac came to us for a second opinion for a non-healing sore nose. Dr Charlie took some samples to look at in house and started him on a course of antibiotics to see how well he responded and also prepare him for biopsies of the nose to be taken under general anaesthetic.


With the help of our wonderful SVS laboratory pathologists and some extra help from dermatologists overseas, a working diagnosis of Discoid Lupus Erythematosus was made. This condition is caused by the body attacking its own cells (immune mediated) and exposure to sunlight is thought to be a possible trigger.  Most commonly it effects middle aged long-nose breeds such as Collies, German Shepherds and Huskies; and can affect a few different areas including the nose, eyes and lips. With the nose in particular the main clinical signs are changes in pigment colour, scaling and ulceration which can be quite painful.


Fortunately for Mac his owners were very keen to try the best treatment options for him and he was started on a topical immune modulating cream as well as daily pet sunscreen.


One month after treatment Mac is showing a vast improvement and although it may take a long time for the colour to return to normal (if ever) the ulceration is all but gone and he is a very good boy for his daily cream applications.

We love seeing Mac for his check-ups and he always seems happy to see us too!

Farewell Sophie

June 14, 2024

It is with great sadness that we are farewelling our wonderful vet Sophie. Sophie has been a much-loved member of our team for the last year and a half and has made special bonds with many of our clients and their pets in that time.

Sophie’s highlights from her time with us have been some of the more complex cases and surgeries she has been involved with, but she has also found it rewarding working more routine care cases as well. She has loved the small-town community feel of Matamata and meeting all the wonderful clients that call it home. Sophie came to MVS Small Animals as a new graduate and has appreciated the support of the entire team in finding her feet in this challenging but exciting profession.

We would like to wish Sophie all the best in her new role, we know she is going to achieve great things.

Temporary Closure of Late Nights

June 13, 2024

From the 24th of June, MVS Small Animals will not be running the late-night Thursday clinic (5-7pm) for a couple of months.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  Saturday morning consults will still run as per normal (8.30am – 12.00pm).

Summer safety for our pets

January 19, 2024

With the arrival of long sunny days, it’s a good time to touch upon some points to help our 4-legged family members stay comfortable and safe this summer.

Unfortunately, we tend to see an increase in heat stroke cases over the summer months. There can be a few contributing factors but the main causes we see are pets being left in vehicles and pets exercising in the heat of the day. Heat stroke can progress very quickly and is, in some cases, fatal.

By following some simple guidelines, we can decrease our pets’ chances of overheating.

  • NEVER leave your pet alone in a parked car, even if temperatures feel tolerable to you. Temperatures rise in parked cars incredibly quickly and our pets have minimal abilities to sweat and cool themselves down, resulting in increased panting and subsequently, overheating.
  • Exercise pets in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler and if possible, stick to shaded areas.
  • Always provide clean, fresh water both inside and outside and if possible, take water on walks.
  • Provide access to as much shade as possible if dogs are outside – trees, kennels, garage, porch etc.
  • Provision of a paddling pool. The clam shell pools are great, even for larger dogs that cannot lie in them. Dogs can cool down quickly via cooling their paws so many large dogs also enjoy simply standing in cold water.

Farewell Kylie

January 18, 2024

As of next Friday our wonderful Vet Kylie will be hanging up her scrubs for the last time and leaving us to go on maternity leave.

We know clients and staff alike are going to miss Kylie’s enthusiasm, knowledge, dedication and bubbliness around the clinic but we cannot wait for her to come back and visit us with her little one in the not too distant future.

We wish Kylie, Tom, and the boys all the best for the arrival of their wee baby girl.

Preventative Gastropexy

January 16, 2024

Large and giant breed dogs with deep chests are at risk of developing a life-threatening condition called Gastric Dilation and Volvulus. This is where the stomach fills with gas and twists on its axis. The twisting process blocks the blood supply to the stomach and the outflow of food and gas. This can lead to death of the stomach wall and subsequent stomach rupture, shock, and death of the animal.
Preventative surgery can be performed on “high risk” dogs, and it is typically done at desexing time. The abdomen is opened, and an incision is made through the first 2 layers of the stomach wall. An apposing incision is made in the body wall and the stomach stitched to the body wall. This allows the stomach to fill with gas, but it cannot rotate.
If you have a giant breed or a deep chested dog, this procedure will be discussed with you during your dog’s puppy vaccination course. If you have any queries, please contact the clinic on 07 888 8197

Guy Fawkes and our pets

October 26, 2023

While Guy Fawkes night, and the week leading up to and following, can bring joy to many child and adult alike, unfortunately the same cannot be said for many of our pets.

Every year we speak to concerned pet owners about ways in which we can help our pets through this challenging time and we do have some helpful tips and products at our disposal.

  1. Keep your pets indoors for the evenings with cat and dog doors closed for the night, or as much of the night as your pet will allow. Pulling all curtains early on so pets cannot see the fireworks can also help.
  2. Make sure dogs are wearing their collars (with registration tag attached) and all contact details are up to date if pets are microchipped, in case they should escape. If your pets are not microchipped and you are on the fence about it, it is a good time to get in and get it done.
  3. Putting on the TV or radio early in the evening can help to muffle the noise of the fireworks however don’t have it so loud as to unsettle your pets if they aren’t used to it.
  4. Providing a covered crate, igloo, cardboard boxes or a safe hiding spot for pets to retreat to can help.
  5. Providing a new toy or treats as a distraction.

For some pets, the above preparations are not enough to help and that’s where shop products and/or medication can be of assistance.

  1. Calmex – This is an oral calming supplement that can be purchased in the shop for both cats and dogs. It is safe for long term use and we recommend purchasing and trialing for a couple of days prior to the first lot of fireworks so dose rates can be altered if needed. More information can also be found – https://www.vetplus.co.uk/products/calmex-2/
  2. Feliway and Adaptil – These are pheromone sprays, infusers and collars that assist in creating a calming, secure environment for your pet. Our nurses are always happy to discuss these in depth to help choose the right product for your animal. More information can also be found – https://www.ceva.com.au/Products/Companion-animals/Behaviour
  3. Thundershirts – These are tight shirts worn by your pet in periods of stress. They provide gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement, much like swaddling a baby. More information can be found – https://thundershirt.co.nz/
  4. Medication – Our vets are always more than happy to see any pets who struggle through Guy Fawkes each year or those which have a nervous disposition, to see if medication is a suitable option. Please do not hesitate to call the clinic to discuss this option with one of our nurses.



Are your pets vaccinations up to date for the summer holidays?

October 8, 2023

This is just a timely reminder that if you are planning to put your pets into kennels or catteries over the summer holidays, it is a good idea to check their vaccination books now to make sure their vaccinations are up to date. In some instances, if the vaccination has lapsed by more than a few weeks, we may need to give 2 lots of vaccinations 1 month apart. We would hate to see this left too late and potentially interfere with your pet’s ability to go to the kennels or cattery.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at the clinic if you do not have your vaccination book but need to check your pet’s vaccination status.

Farewell Kayla

September 12, 2023

It is with great Sadness that we bid Kayla farewell after 2.5 years with our team.

Kayla is the glue that has held our retail team together, making sure we always have products on our shelves, medications out back and the many other jobs that go along with stocking a vet clinic that no one sees.
Some of you may have met Kayla at reception when she has helped cover the desk or answer phones when we have been flat tack.
Kayla has also been found from time to time snuggled up in a kennel with a pet recovering from anaesthetic or with that special patient who just needs a little extra love.

We wish Kayla all the best on her next endeavour but know she will absolutely flourish in her new role.

Welcome Kim

August 31, 2023

MVS Small Animals are thrilled to welcome Kim to our team.

Kim is our new Veterinary Receptionist and will be your first point of contact on arrival.

Kim has previously worked at MVS equine in an Equine Technician role.  She also has experience in retail, banking, customer services, office administration, has been a business owner and is a personal trainer.  So, she will keep us all on our toes.

Outside of work Kim enjoys chilling with her 2 sons Xavier and Zach, as well as her dog Kova.  She loves to bake (but tends to eat it all, so baking isn’t too often!) Kim also enjoys upcycling furniture when she has the time.

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