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COVID19 – Level 3

August 31, 2021

On Tuesday, 31 August 2021 when the Waikato region drops to alert level 3 at midnight, we move from being able to provide emergency veterinary services only to being able to provide all of our usual essential services for your horses and businesses. This means we can start booking in work that we routinely perform this time of year, including yearling screening radiographs, castrations, lameness work-ups and surgeries.
However, the Government is very clear that we must provide these services in a way that safe for both our clients and our staff. We must maintain social distancing and our services will remain contactless to keep everyone safe. This means our hospital building will continue to be a staff-only zone like it was in Level 4, and there will be no physical interaction between staff and clients. Mask-wearing is mandatory. There is a strict no-hand-shake policy in force and hands must be sanitized frequently. All horses will be taken from you on arrival at the hospital and held by a nurse for the exam. Please remain in your vehicle for the duration of the exam/procedure.
If you need to collect supplies or drop off samples please phone the office ahead of time in order to coordinate a collection time – all supplies will be collected from outside the building.
If you have recently traveled, have had contact with a known infected person, are exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms or are currently in self isolation for any reason (confirmed COVID or COVID household) please stay home! If your horse must be seen please let us know – it must be brought in by someone else and will be taken off that person by a nurse and handled with PPE.
Please be aware that providing veterinary care under these conditions takes more time and effort than normal. There are many procedures, bookings and services that we haven’t been able to provide during the lock- down and we are now going to be pushed to provide all these services at once. We will make every effort to book you in as soon as possible and ask for your patience as we do our best to get up and running again swiftly.