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May 15, 2012

The stallion semen collection centre at MVS is a MPI-approved centre allowing us to collect and freeze semen for export to Australia, and the USA. A number of requirements need to be met when collecting for Australia including a stand down period where no natural service has taken place, collection using a phantom mare, and in most cases a post-collection EVA test. The EVA history and status of your stallion is therefore required upon entry to our centre so we can determine what tests need to be carried out. New Zealand is fortunate in that a number of diseases which are of concern overseas are not present in New Zealand, therefore making our requirements when exporting semen significantly less than when importing semen. However, like when importing, all requirements set in place by the receiving country need to be met exactly, so prior to any collections taking place for export the receiving country’s requirements are investigated fully to ensure no changes have taken place.

MPI is currently in talks with the EU finalising quarantine requirements for frozen equine semen being exported to the EU. If you are interested in collecting semen for export to the EU please contact us and we will advise as soon as this service is available.

All semen exported from MVS is accompanied by a full semen assessment report which outlines the post thaw motility, the concentration the semen is frozen at and the number of straws required per dose.