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Infertility Work Up

May 15, 2012

There are many causes of sub or infertility in stallions. Accurate diagnosis of the problem is of great importance for successful management or treatment. Factors such as intended use, behaviour, management, age, trauma, systemic disease, and disease and/or infection of the reproductive tract play an important role in the work up of sub or infertility in stallions.

We will thoroughly assess the stallion’s fertility history you can provide us with, followed by examination and ultrasound of the external reproductive tract organs. Further diagnostics are stallion specific and depend on the stallion’s problem, these may include semen collection and evaluation, breeding behaviour evaluation, examination of the internal reproductive tract organs (accessory sex glands) and endoscopy of the urethra. Additional semen analysis with different extenders and/or cryoprotectants is also possible. Where needed our orthopaedic and/or surgical team will be consulted for pathology outside the reproductive tract. The most suitable treatment and management of the horse will be discussed with you, including the expected costs and outcomes so there are no unexpected invoices. Our team is open and honest and will advise you what we think gives the best outcome for you.