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Do you have cows tipping over? Metabolic disease this year seems worse than previous seasons…

August 1, 2019

While there are many contributing factors that result in Metabolic Disease, we are seeing issues in herds where the dietary analysis looks ‘spot on’. 

In these herds it appears the composition of pasture is having a major effect. Crude protein levels in the grass are unseasonably high.

High Crude Protein levels tend to drive udder swelling and excessive production in very early lactation prior to the cows adapting to milk production.

It is suggested that any cow that produces more than 10 litres of colostrum in her first milking is a ‘problem cow’ from the perspective that they are at much greater risk of developing Metabolic Disease.

If you are one of the farmers noticing more wobbly cows, there is some good news as improvements can be made in most cases by changing a few management strategies around:

  • Pasture allowance to the springers
  • Area allowance for the springers
  • Calcium treatments of fresh calved cows and springers
  • Collection of newborn calves
  • Milking frequency of colostrum cows

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