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Four out of Five monitor farms have recorded low spore counts this week and trends continue to show diminishing risk to eczema.

May 1, 2020

Grass samples tested this week from the MVS Monitor Farms have shown the following:
  • Hinuera Monitor Paddocks – 5,000 spores/gram
  • Matamata Monitor Paddocks – 1,600 spores/gram
  • Te Poi Monitor Paddocks – 1,600 spores/gram
  • Tirau Monitor Paddocks –  0 spores/gram
  • Walton Monitor Paddocks – 11,600  spores/gram
While in the past, May can be a month where farmers are caught short with eczema, this appears not to be a risk this year. We will continue to monitor next week to ensure this remains the case.
We are continuing to provide a spore counting service through this Level 3 lock-down period for anyone wanting to measure spore numbers. There are designated drop off bins at the clinic should you bring in any grass for processing.
We ask that if you plan on bringing grass in please call the clinic before you do so for further instructions.


Finally, with heifers returning  home, remember to provide trace mineral supplements such as Copper Bullets, Selenium & B12.  Also, now is a good time to treat for parasites if the heifers have  not been treated in the past month.  Autumn, especially when the weather is mild, represents the time of the year where parasite levels tend to be at the highest on pasture.