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Keep the samples coming…

May 6, 2017

Keep the samples coming! There are still elevated spore counts in the area.

Spore count results for grass samples brought into the clinic for testing in the last fortnight::

Area Spore Count Level Date Tested
Hinuera 15,000 Low 28.4.2017
20,000 Moderate 3.5.2017
Matamata Nil 5.5.2017
Peria 65,000 HIGH 24.4.2017
Nil 26.4.2017
20,000 Moderate 1.5.2017
Te Poi 10,000 Low 28.4.2017
10,000 Low 5.5.2017
Wardville 100,000 HIGH 27.4.2017
20,000 Moderate 4.5.2017

 While it appears spore counts are dropping, if you want to know what is happening on your farm, then we recommend you contact your veterinarian for advice on a suitable spore counting regime.