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Ketosis Alert!

August 30, 2013

  • Weight loss in the weeks following calving is normal in high-producing dairy cattle
  • Clinical Ketosis is a disease due to excessive ketones accumulating in the cow’s bloodstream as a result of rapid fat breakdown
  • There are two types:

             1.  Nervous Ketosis – Cow acts aggressively, licks and chews metal bars

             2.  Dumb Ketosis – Cow looks ‘sleepy’, watery/puffy eyes

  • There has been a recent increase in the number of clinical ketosis  cases seen by MVS Dairy Vets
  • If recognised early, ketosis is easy to deal with. Failure to recognise and treat properly can increase the chance of reproductive failure and limit production potential


Cows are milking very well at the moment and are at risk!

  • We encourage you to take time out and walk through the herd looking for any behavioural signs that may indicate a ketosis problem. Signs to look for are ‘as above’, or cows slab-sided, not eating and looking depressed.
  • Call us on 07 888 8197 if you have any questions, or problems.