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Latest Facial Eczema Spore Count results

May 10, 2019

Four out of five Monitor Farms have recorded lower spore counts this week
While based on these results it appears we are nearing the end of eczema season, our Te Poi monitor farm has recorded a significant increase in the number of toxic spores this week.

Grass samples tested this week from the MVS Monitor Farms have shown the following :

  • Hinuera Monitor Farm – 6,666 spores/gram
  • Matamata Monitor Farm – 10,000 spores/gram
  • Te Poi Monitor Farm – 105,000 spores/gram
  • Tirau Monitor Farm – 10,000 spores/gram
  • Walton Monitor Farm – 3,3333 spores/grams
While the general ‘trend’ is showing declines in spore numbers, the unseasonable warm weather is still favoring proliferation in spore numbers on some local farms.
Remain vigilant and continue with prophylactic zinc for now unless you have spore count information specific to your farm that indicates low spore numbers.