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Latest Spore Count results

January 29, 2021

Grass samples tested this week from the MVS Monitor Farms have shown the following:

  • Hinuera Monitor Paddocks  5,000 spores/gram
  • Matamata Monitor Paddocks – 106,000 spores/gram
  • Te Poi Monitor Paddocks – 5,000 spores/gram
  • Tirau Monitor Paddocks –  28,000 spores/gram
  • Walton Monitor Paddocks – 3,300 spores/gram

 Our Matamata monitor farm recorded a result of 106,000 up from last week’s 50,000.

This week we have also seen our first case of clinical Facial Eczema for the year.  This is a timely reminder that counts on individual farms vary drastically, so while three of the five monitor farms are indicating low risk, the best thing you can do to assess your farm’s risk is bring in grass samples for processing.

 What are the common signs of Facial Eczema?

  • Restless cows seeking shade
  • White/unpigmented skin reddens and peels
  • Teats are red swollen and sore
  • Ears or face may be swollen
  • Vulvas may swell and become red
While these signs can be seen on the surface it is important to remember the unseen internal damage that is or has been going on that has led to this superficial damage.

How effective is your zinc supplementation?

Now is the ideal time to assess the protection status of your cows. By blood sampling 10-15 cows for zinc we can assess how protected your herd is and adjust the dose of zinc going into your system accordingly. Don’t be caught out by under dosing or the potential adverse effects of overdosing with zinc. Give the clinic a call to book in your blood samples.