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Leptospirosis – some alarming facts

April 30, 2013

A recent pilot study found 30% of herds to contain cows shedding Leptospirosis

  • In these positive herds up to 13% of cows were shedding
  • It appears the herds most at risk are those where calf vaccinations were delayed until autumn
  • Unvaccinated calves once exposed to the bacteria have the potential to develop into carrier animals that have no symptoms
  • Carrier animals in the herd are capable of shedding leptospires for several years in spite of ongoing vaccination – dramatically increasing the risk of the farmer contracting the disease

If you have not yet vaccinated, you are significantly increasing the chance of having carrier animals in your herd – risking the health and safety of your self and others in the workplace.

Please help us by getting calves vaccinated ASAP!