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Milk sampling recommendations

November 2, 2012

Milk samples are a valuable tool to have in your mastitis arsenal. There are various times when they are of greater use than others, but it is a fair comment that a positive culture is more use than a ‘no growth’. However time and time again we get milk samples for culture that are either still receiving antibiotics, or within a few days of finishing.

Sadly, bacteria do not behave the same in a Petri dish as they do in the udder and even a minute amount of antibiotics will prevent bacteria growing, despite a cow suffering terribly from mastitis.

To avoid disappointment, a milk sample must be taken before treatment, or at least 14 days after the last treatment.

We would prefer if you take samples before treatment and to freeze then until testing is needed.

Bring in samples if a cow:
* Has difficult to cure mastitis
* Has recurrent/repeat cases of mastitis
* Or herd is suffering from an outbreak of mastitis

For further advice, or if you have any questions please contact the clinic.