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Red teats are starting to appear and spore counting is underway

January 16, 2020

We have had reports of a few cows starting to show mild signs of photosensitivity.

While the Facial Eczema season is just around the corner, we believe the cases we are seeing now are associated with feeding turnips.

Turnips are a Brassica forage crop and provide an excellent source of nutrients to support lactation through summer however turnips have been associated with several animal health issues such as

  • Photosensitivity – Similar to Facial Eczema clinical signs
  • Choke – Where turnips are not properly chewed by the cow and lodge in the cows oesophagus (muscular tube between the mouth and rumen)
  • Acidosis – Rapidly fermented turnips can reduce the rumen pH


Generally issues can arise if turnips are introduced too quickly, or fed in excess of 30% of total diet.

If you are concerned or think you may have cows suffering from any of the above symptoms, call us for advice on 07 888 8197.


Spore counting is underway for 2020

Monitor farms have started bringing in samples and our first set of results will be sent out tomorrow. When counts on monitor farms hit 20,000 spores/gram, it’s time to check your own farm. Once counts on your farm approach 30,000 spores/gram, cows should be on full rates of zinc.

By checking counts on your farm, you can tailor zinc dosing according to your level of risk, potentially saving you money. To promote and encourage farmers to monitor their farmers we are offering spore counting for $65 per four paddock samples submitted on one day saving $21.
There are many options for dosing stock with zinc. We have a variety of products in stock. If you want to know what will work best for your farm feel free to come into the clinic and discuss this with our team.