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S.A.R.A – Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis

April 15, 2016

Currently, there are a number of herds where cows are at risk of suffering Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (S.A.R.A).

This is a dietary issue where pH drops in the cow’s rumen due to a low fibre diet, usually in conjunction with feeding of starch-based feeds (Maize Silage/Tapioca).

Cows suffering S.A.R.A will have any of the following symptoms:

  • Agitated
  • Reduced Dry Matter Intake (DMI)
  • Loose faeces
  • Drop in production (milk fat is more prone to dropping)
  • Reduced chews per cud (Normal is approximately 40-70)

It seems a combination of plentiful lush grass being fed with starch-based feeds such as Maize, is causing the problem.

The good news is, it is relatively easy to rectify by adding an alternate source of long stem fibre to the diet at the rate of 0.5-1.0 Kg per cow per day.

Cows that appear to be suffering, can have their appetite stimulated by an injection of 10-20mls B12 (ensure it does not contain selenium). Call us if you need further advice on 07 888 8197.