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Spore count alert! plus parasites and Nitrate Toxicity

May 2, 2014


District counts for the period ended 1st May are: Matamata = moderate and South Waikato = high.

Spore counts for grass samples brought into the clinic for testing this week are as follows:

  • Hinuera East = 115,00 (high) on 2.5.14
  • Hinuera West = 145,000 (high) on 1.5.14
  • Matamata = 255,000 (very high) on 2.5.14
  • Peria = 15,000 (low) on 28.4.14 and 55,000 (moderate) on 30.4.14
  • Richmond Downs = 10,000 and 20,000 (low) on 29.4.14
  • Te Poi = 15,000 (low) on 28.4.14
  • Turanga-o-moana = 215,000 (very high) on 2.5.14



Generally Autumn is a high-risk period for Gastro-intestinal parasites in grazing stock. Remember that young growing calves are the most at-risk animal on the farm. We recommend you are proactive with your drench/pour-on treatments to ensure stock have the best chance for growth following the recent drought.

Come and speak to Neil, Kath or one of our Veterinarians about the best product to suit your needs.



Rapid plant growth following drought conditions can heighten the risk of Nitrate Toxicity. Remember stock grazing annuals or areas of the farm where Nitrogen has been applied are most at-risk. Be extra vigilant on warm overcast days!.