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Spore count monitoring for success… What’s happening on your farm?

January 4, 2018

Recent rainfall and hot weather conditions are producing the humid conditions that suit Facial Eczema spore production to a tee.

Although regional spore counts provide an indication of spore counting trends, actual spore counts are highly variable between farms, between paddocks within the same farm and even within a paddock. Because of this variability, Facial Eczema management may be started too early or too late in the season, increasing the costs of control and the risk of zinc related toxicity.

Matamata Vets will be running five Facial Eczema monitor farms this season to give an indication of the level of Facial Eczema in our region. When spore counts on these farms reach 20,000 spores, we recommend that you begin monitoring your own farm. The current recommendation is to sample four representative paddocks throughout your farm once a week.

As an incentive we will be offering a Spore Monitoring for Success package:

Test three samples and get one sample done free of charge (on grass samples brought in on a single day). Get all 4 samples checked for $60 + GST.

With Zinc Sulphate costing 6.5 cents/cow/day ($136 a week for a 300 cow herd) it will not take long to see the benefit.