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Spore counts and drought assistance

February 22, 2013

District counts for the week ending 22nd February 2013 are:

Piako – 3,000 (low)

Matamata – 6,000 (low)

South Waikato – 3,000 (low)

Results of grass samples we have tested this week are:

Matamata – NIL on 19.2.13

Te Poi – 20,000 (low) on 18.2.13

Turanga-o-moana – NIL on 22.2.13


Let us assist you through the drought….

For help with feed budgeting or making decisions to get through the drought give us a call. Our trusted veterinarians can provide you with expert recommendations from nutrition to pasture management. Whether it be sitting down and making a full ‘plan of attach’ or just have reassurance that your own arrangements will see you through, please phone the clinic and make a time to sit down with one of our team on 07 888 8197.