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Spore counts this week

April 15, 2016

Spore count results for grass samples brought into the clinic this week for testing are as follows:

  • Hinuera West – 275,000 (high) on 14.4.2016
  • Matamata – 380,000 (high) on 11.4.2016
  • Peria – 155,000 (high) on 12.4.2016
  • Richmond Downs – 1,380,000 on 11.4.2016 and 130,000 (high) on 13.4.2016
  • Te Poi – 55,000 (high) on 13.4.2016
  • Turanga-o-moana – 330,000 (high) on 15.4.2016

Cooler conditions should help reduce spore counts in the coming weeks, but remaining spores are still capable of inducing further liver damage.

We have now exhausted our supplies of zinc sulphate and zinc oxide. Supplies of Solutrace-FE for water and drenching are still available, plus dwindling supplies of Face-Guard zinc boluses.

Other options include:

  1. Alternative feeds to reduce spore intakes
  2. Aim to have high residuals, taking care not to run yourself out of feed
  3. Try to avoid ‘hot’ pastures. Bring in grass samples to identify hot pastures
  4. Check if zinc can be incorporated into the meal
  5. Spraying fungicides will not reduce the spores currently present, but you get benefits in the weeks to come