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We are still finding significant spores in spite of rain

March 31, 2017

Spore count results for grass samples brought into the clinic for testing this week are as follows:

Area Spore Count Level Date Tested
Hinuera West 25,000 Moderate 31.03.2017
Matamata Nil 30.03.2017
15,000 Moderate 31.03.2017
Peria Nil 27.03.2017
170,000 VERY HIGH 28.07.2017
Richmond Downs 5,000 Low 27.03.2017
35,000 Moderate 31.03.2017
Te Poi Nil 30.03.2017
35,000 Moderate 30.03.2017
Tirau 5,000 Low 27.03.2017
10,000 Low 27.03.2017
35,000 Moderate 27.03.2017
Wardville 10,000 Low 29.03.2017

We continue to get positive spore count results. As long as it is humid, we will continue to get spores being formed.


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