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Things are warming up. Are your stock ready for the heat?

November 26, 2019

December can bring heat stress….

Cows suffering heat stress eat less, produce less, struggle to conceive and are at greater risk of succumbing to infectious diseases such as Mastitis.
This is one of the reasons why farmers notice a ‘spike’ in Mastitis cases in hotter months.

There is growing scientific evidence that supports the protective role of organic Zinc supplements* in susceptible cows.
(*Note: not the same product as Zinc Sulphate or Zinc Oxide used to protect cows for Facial Eczema).

While the exact details of this protective role and the mechanisms behind it are complex, there appears to be two key areas where organic zinc has beneficial effects:

1. Physical protection – Zinc is a key component of epithelial cells, the cells making up the internal lining of the intestines, lungs, reproductive tract and udder

2. Immune function – Zinc is utilised by the immune system at the cellular level, important once bacteria ‘breach’ the epithelial lining

ProPath LQ Zn180 is a convenient, cost effective product containing high levels of organic zinc and is in-store now.

We recommend supplementing cows with additional organic zinc over and above your daily minerals during the heat stress period. If you would like advice on your individual farm system please phone the clinic and speak with one of our veterinarians on 07 888 8197.