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Want to get your calves off to the best start? One product can make a big difference

July 31, 2019

When it comes to rearing beautiful thriving calves, Raewyn Weenink certainly knows what she is doing! Recently Abby Payze – MVS Retail Manager caught up with Raewyn to discuss her recent experience of a product that is gaining attention in the market – MULTIMIN® Injection.

“I had four Autumn calves diagnosed with viral pneumonia. After a course of antibiotics, they had recovered but it had shaken them up and they were looking very poorly. After contacting MVS it was suggested to me to try Multimin Injection®.

Within a week of giving them a shot they were looking like nothing had ever been the matter with them. They were shiny in the coat and looking great. After seeing this response, I then treated my Spring-born calves and noticed the same thing within a week. Their coats were glossy and black, and they were thriving. I’m really happy with the results in both groups treated.

I would definitely use this again. It’s just like having another tool in your toolbox”.
Raewyn Weenink


Rearing great calves is no easy job and even the best farmers can be frustrated with animal health ‘niggles’ in their young ones.

Our Veterinarians have also reviewed the research specific to the NZ dairy industry and are very happy with the data presented that demonstrates MULTIMIN® injection halves mortality rates in calves from 3 days post treatment.