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Worrying trends being seen so far…

July 3, 2016

The results of this year’s trace element testing so far, are showing some worrying trends out there.

The theory of depleted copper reserves following the long eczema season seems to be running true to form, with some herds having levels so low the lab is having to rerun samples to ensure the equipment is working correctly.

Just as concerning, in some herds that have been feeding Palm Kernel for a number of years, is the toxic levels of copper we have been finding in those cows.

Added to this, the warm conditions through Autumn and early Winter have created almost spring-like grass growth with associated low levels of Magnesium and Calcium in the pasture.

This puts us in a real bind as to what are the correct amounts of trace elements to supplement your herd.

On one hand, you potentially have a problem that if you don’t fix could lead to disease and poor performance, and on the other if you supplement over and above the safe amount you could end up with multiple dead animals.

It is not too late to test now and find out what your herd’s status is.

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