Past Interns

Georgina Llewellyn | BVSc (Dist.), BSc

Georgina joined MVS in February 2023 as part of our equine team as an equine intern. She graduated with distinction from Massey University in 2022, and has always had a goal of entering the equine veterinary industry. Prior to this, Georgina studied at the University of Auckland, completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in human physiology.

Georgina has a broad interest in equine medicine and is hoping to advance her knowledge and practical skills in all areas of equine practice. She is looking forward to learning from and working alongside the highly experienced team at MVS.

Outside of work, Georgina loves baking, squash, reading, socialising with friends, and relaxing at home.

Alizée Curzon | DVM

Alizée is from Switzerland and joined the MVS team as one of our interns in February 2023 after graduating from Szent-Istvan university in Budapest in 2022. 


She has a broad interest in equine medicine and is looking forward to learning from our experienced team. 


Outside of work Alizée enjoys numerous outdoors activities including kitesurfing, skiing, horse riding and she is excited to explore New Zealand during her stay. 

Mary Kate Mehegan | BSA BVetMed MRCVS

Mary Kate joined MVS August 2023 as an equine intern after graduating from the Royal Veterinary College. This is her second time working for MVS, as she was a reproduction technician and research assistant here in 2018 before attending veterinary school. Her progesterone research from that time has since been published in Equine Veterinary Science.

Mary Kate is keenly interested in all aspects of the Thoroughbred industry and has experience working as a technician and working student with veterinarians in Austin, TX, Lexington, KY, Newmarket, UK Kildare, IRE, Tipperary, IRE, Chantilly, FR, and both Tokyo, JPN, and Hokkaido, JPN. She also spent years working with emergency and intensive care patients at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine during her first bachelor’s degree in animal science. At that time, she also completed a thesis in stem cell therapy, which translates well into the contemporary equine therapeutics market.

After the internship Mary Kate will be returning to Asia to work with racehorses as a Junior Veterinary Surgeon in Hong Kong. Outside of work Mary Kate loves oil painting, sailing races, playing field hockey, and studying foreign languages.  

Anna Schroeder | BVSc, BSc

Anna joined MVS in January 2021 as an equine intern, after graduating from Massey University in 2020. She stayed on with MVS once her internship finished and is now in an equine ambulatory role.

Anna has a broad interest in equine medicine and reproduction. She is looking forward to getting stuck in and learning from the experienced team at MVS.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys travelling, running, hiking and competing in eventing.

Liane Smits | BVM, MVM

Liane joined MVS in August 2022 as part of our Equine Intern team.

Liane graduated from the University of Ghent in July 2022. As an intern, she’s interested in gaining practical insights in equine medicine. With special interest in anesthesia, surgery and neonatal care. Even though she is newly graduated, she is looking forward to learning from the experienced team at MVS.

In her spare time, Liane loves good food and wine, kickboxing and hiking. She’s looking forward to the adventure at MVS and exploring what New Zealand has to offer.

Dianne Groeneveld | BVM, MVM

Dianne joined MVS in August 2022 as part of our equine intern team.

Dianne graduated in 2020 from the University of Ghent, Belgium and started to work as an ambulatory vet in the north of the Netherlands. After two years she decided to take on the adventure to travel to New Zealand and learn more about ICU cases and foals.

Besides this Dianne would also love to get to know more about all aspects of the equine reproduction and she just hopes to learn a lot from the experienced equine team at MVS to help her advance her knowledge and skills in general.

Outside of work Dianne enjoys wakeboarding, skiing, hiking and exploring. She would love to learn how to surf and dive and she’s looking forward to learning more about New Zealand and its beautiful nature.  

Tessa O’Brien | BVSc

Tessa joined MVS in February 2022 as part of our equine team as an intern after graduating from Massey University in 2021.

Tessa initially studied marine biology before making the switch to veterinary science. She has a broad interest in equine medicine and ambulatory work and is looking forward to working amongst our experienced team in all disciplines.

Outside of work Tessa enjoys skiing, surfing, running, and hiking and after growing up in Canterbury, is looking forward to exploring the North Island.

Stephanie Brooks | BVetBiol, DVM

Steph joined MVS in February 2021 as part of our equine team as an Equine Intern and has since moved into a medicine-based role at our Equine Hospital. She has recently attained a Medicine Residency at Purdue University in 2024.

She graduated with distinction from the University of Sydney in 2020. Throughout her degree, Steph focused her studies and final year placements on equine practice and has moved from Australia to join the team at MVS.

Steph’s main interests are in equine internal medicine and neonatal foal care. She is looking forward to working with and learning from the experienced team at MVS.

Outside of work Steph enjoys travelling, hiking, music and baking and is really excited to explore all around New Zealand.

Michelle Badke | BSc, MND, BVSc

Michelle joined MVS late January 2020 as part of our equine team.

Michelle graduated from James Cook University in 2019 as a member of the Golden Key Honor Society, moving from Australia to take part in the MVS internship program.

Michelle has a broad interest in equine medicine, surgery and reproduction and is excited to be working alongside the highly experienced equine team at MVS to help her advance her knowledge and skills.

Outside of work, Michelle is passionate about travel, live music, baking and cooking, (especially Indian food!) and loves a good adventure with her partner Andrew, who works at the MVS Farm clinic.

Louie Genis | BVSc (dist.) MSc (dist.)

Louie joined MVS in August 2019 as in intern on our equine team.

Louie graduated from the University of Pretoria (Onderstepoort) in 2017. Hereafter she completed her compulsory community service year in a small animal and pathology position in Stellenbosch, RSA. Her main interest always being in the quine industry she joined a referral equine practice in Summerveld, KZN, as a junior vet for a short period before moving to New Zealand to start her internship at MVS.

Her main interests include reproduction, neonatal care and equine internal medicine, however she does find soft tissue surgery fascinating as well.

Outside of work Louie enjoys hiking and researching a sustainable lifestyle, riding, being involved in the family beef farm and a glass of wine with a good book on a rainy day.

Louie left MVS in February 2021 after being accepted into a residency programme in equine internal medicine at Pullman University in Washington State.

Ingeborg ten Houte de Lange | BVSc

Ingeborg joined MVS July 2019 as an Equine intern.

Ingeborg graduated from Massey University in 2018. Since graduating, she has worked at a local mixed practice for six months before starting her equine internship.  Ingeborg has a keen interest in surgery.

Outside of work Ingeborg enjoys spending time outdoors, such as hiking and riding.  

Megan du Toit | BVSc

Megan joined MVS in August 2018 as an Equine Intern. She graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland in 2017. After working for 7 months in a mixed practice in New South Wales, she joined the MVS team to pursue her goals in equine veterinary medicine. She has particular interests in diagnostic imaging and internal medicine.

Outside of work Megan enjoys spending time with friends and being outdoors – running, horse riding, hiking and playing touch footy.

Jonathan Tam | BVSc

Jonathan joined MVS in July 2017 as an intern veterinarian. He graduated from Massey University in 2017. Jonathan completed externships at Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons in Newmarket and many equine hospitals in New Zealand. Born and bred in Hong Kong, Jonathan has completed a few placements at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Before joining MVS, he was an intern veterinarian at Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital in Australia.

Jonathan has an interest in diagnostic imaging. He likes going to race meetings in Hong Kong. Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys landscape photography, backcountry skiing, tramping, and playing musical instruments.

On finishing his internship with MVS in July 2018, Jonathan returned to Hong Kong to complete a PhD.

Cordelia Francis | BVSc (dist.)

Cordelia graduated with distinction from the University of Liverpool, UK in 2016. As a student Cordelia carried out several placements abroad including an externship at an equine referral hospital in New York and three weeks at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Cordelia was also a volunteer at the London 2012 Equestrian Paralympics and thoroughly enjoyed meeting athletes and veterinary surgeons from around the world. She commenced an internship with MVS Equine in 2016. In her free time she enjoys music festivals and outdoor pursuits such as skiing and hiking.

Cordelia stayed on as a full-time equine veterinarian following her internship with MVS, and returned to UK in May 2018 to join her family’s practice.

Marcus Allan | BSc BVSc

After graduating from Massey University in 2011, Marcus worked in mixed animal practice in the Bay of Plenty for 5 years starting off as a general practitioner seeing animals of all shapes and sizes. He developed a particular interest in large animal medicine and progressed into a senior position managing predominantly dairy and lifestyle clients from a branch clinic. During this time his exposure to a moderate equine caseload seeded his interest in equine medicine prompting him to develop a sound grounding in this area by undertaking an internship at MVS Equine in 2016.

Prior to Massey University Marcus completed a Bachelor of Science at Waikato University majoring in Biological Sciences. To balance work life Marcus is a sports enthusiast and particularly enjoys tennis and rugby and getting to the gym. High on his priorities is a good coffee a day.

Esther Van Herwaarden |DVM (dist.)

Esther graduated with great distinction from Ghent University in 2014, main subject horses. She has a special interest in equine podiatry and lameness work ups and really enjoys doing anaesthesia and looking after the patients in the hospital.

She grew up surrounded by animals and used to do a lot of competitive showjumping. After her graduation, she started travelling and saw practice at several equine hospitals on her way. This way, she got to know MVS and she had such a good experience here that she decided to apply for the equine internship. Outside of work, she enjoys running and is trying to see as much of New Zealand as possible.

Esther left MVS in March 2017 to travel and complete volunteer work in Asia.

Samantha Clarke | BVSc MRCVS

Samantha graduated from the University of Liverpool, UK in 2014 and has a special interest in Equine Medicine, reproduction and anaesthesia.  Sam particularly enjoyed a farrier placement as well as the opportunity to work alongside the vets at Worcester Races.

Outside of work Sam enjoys riding, teaching children to ride, and running.  She is enjoying the beautiful New Zealand countryside and is looking forward to exploring more of New Zealand during her time here.

Rebecca Atherton | BVSc MRCVS

Rebecca qualified from the University of Bristol Veterinary School, UK in 2013 and spent two years working in Wales as an ambulatory equine vet and small animal veterinary surgeon. After travelling around the South Island of NZ  for several months, Rebecca started working at MVS in January and hopes to develop her interests in Internal Medicine, anaesthesia and sports medicine.

Rebecca grew up exercising National Hunt horses and competing ex race horses, outside of work Rebecca enjoys running and exploring the countryside.

Rebecca finished up at Matamata Veterinary Services in August 2016


Marieke Schildkamp | DVM

April 2014 – March 2015

Position: Equine Internship

Contact details:

Jordana Del La Varis | BVSc (Dist)

Jordana graduated from Massey University in 2014. She grew up on a small sheep and beef block and currently owns 3 thoroughbreds which she events in her spare time. She has worked in both gallop and harness racing stables and at an eventing yard.

Jordana has a special interest in sports medicine and lameness and is looking forward to her time at MVS.

Sarah Vincent | BVSc

Jan 2013 – June 2014

Position: Equine Internship

Contact details:

Frances Peat | BVSc PGCertEP

Jan 2010 – May 2014

Position: Equine Veterinarian

Contact details:

Alexandra Leander | BVSc

September 2012 – August 2013

Position: Equine Internship

Contact Details:

Caroline Gordon | BVSc

Dec 2011 – April 2013

Position: Equine Internship

Caroline is preparing to travel overseas where she will be doing equine volunteer work in Northern Africa, followed by an equine job in the UK.

Contact details:

Rabecca McKenzie | BApplSc BVSc MANZCVS DipHBM

Rabecca graduated from Massey University in 2008 with degrees in Veterinary Science and Applied Science. She also holds a Diploma in Horse Business Management (Marcus Oldham College, Australia), and a British Horse Society Preliminary riding instructor’s certificate. She has competed in equestrian events in both the southern and northern hemispheres. Rabecca has a strong interest in equine stud medicine and in 2013 she attained membership to the Australian and New Zealand College of Science in Equine Medicine. Rabecca has also had an article study titled “Three cases of a presumptive atypical myopathy in New Zealand horses” accepted for publication in the New Zealand Veterinary Journal in 2013.