Stallion – Training for Semen Collection

Stallion Training for Semen Collection

After arrival, our first priority at MVS Equine Reproduction is to train your stallion to mount the phantom mare, making the collection process safer for both stallion and handlers. If we spend the time when he first arrives training him correctly, it makes future walk-ins much easier and quicker for all. Depending on your stallions reproductive history, this training process may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but most stallions will pick it up after the 2nd or 3rd attempt, allowing us to collect a sample of semen.

Young stallions that have never served a mare naturally tend to be relatively easy to train, where as your older stallion that has been serving naturally all his life tend to be much harder to get on the phantom – they know what they want! But there are ways around this, and if he really won’t have anything to do with the phantom we have the option of collecting off our teaser mare when semen is required during the season, allowing you to still offer chilled semen to mare owners.

It is best if possible to book your stallion in for training before semen is required – late summer/early Autumn after the competition season has finished is a great time to book this in, or alternatively early in the breeding season (starting late August). This means that when you have a request for semen, it is a straightforward process to bring your stallion over for collection with no problems, and no chance of missing the scheduled flight!