Here at MVS we understand that every stallion is different, whether it is in reference to how long it takes for him to mount the phantom mare, to the semen quality he produces or to his tolerance to the shipping or freeze thaw process. Because of this we treat each stallion as an individual and cater our collecting and processing protocols to meet his requirements.

When your stallion first arrives at our semen collection facility, located adjacent to the MVS Equine Hospital, we like to give them a day if possible to settle into their new surroundings. Whether or not this is required depends on his personality, age, how far he has traveled and his length of stay, but allowing a young stallion to settle for a day or so makes the process ahead of us much easier. Your stallion will be kept in specially designed post and railed paddocks, with stables and yards also being available if required. Hard feed, hay and/or haylage is included in the daily agistment fee, but if your stallion has special requirements our competent staff are more than happy to accommodate these.

The MVS stallion collection centre is an MPI-approved facility, allowing us to freeze semen for export to Australia and the USA. If you wish to freeze semen for export please advise us of this before we start his semen collection program. There are certain pre-entry tests and requirements that need to be met and strictly adhered to in order for semen to meet the requirements of the receiving country.