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Guy Fawkes – Help Your Pet De-Stress

October 30, 2018

On November 5th and days after, the Guy Fawkes occasion will signal the start of summer and will give family and friends a chance to get together and take in the excitement of spectacular fireworks! For our animals however, sometimes the lights and sounds of fireworks can make them feel extremely scared and anxious.

It is important to consider your pets welfare when preparing for Guy Fawkes Night. We have a few tips to help you enjoy the night while making your furry friend as comfy as possible.

  • Safe Den: Create a safe/ dark spot inside, as far from the noises as possible for your pet to retreat to. Make sure they can get in and out via an opening.
  • Reduce Light & Sound : Close curtains/blinds and reduce outside noise by closing windows/doors and covering up glass doors with sheets if necessary.
  • Sound: Play the radio or turn the TV on at a low-medium volume.
  • Stay Home: Where possible have at least one family member stay home with the anxious animal to provide support and comfort.
  • Alert Neighbours: Let neighbours know if you intend on doing a backyard display in case they have sensitive pets.
  • Be Prepared: Prepare as much as possible before the fireworks begin so that you and your pet can enjoy the night.


Calming Supplements:

‘Calmex’ for dogs is made from a unique combination of two amino acids; a plant extract and B-vitamins. All ingredients help naturally calm your dog and support serotonin release for a more relaxing experience.
The capsules take between 30-60 minutes to take effect and may prove very successful for your anxious fur baby.

Pheromone Sprays:

‘Feliway’ for cats is a pheromone based product that can be used to help decrease stress levels. They come in sprays, diffusers and collars and are effective when used in the lead up to and during stressful events. We would recommend introducing the pheromone treatment a few days prior to needing its effect.