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Patient: Marley

May 2, 2021

Patient: Marley
Marley is a 13 year old Border Collie. He has been on medication to help control the pain associated with arthritis. On routine blood screening it was noticed that his liver enzymes were increasing outside of the normal range. To investigate this further, an abdominal ultrasound was performed. His liver was healthy, but as an incidental finding a large mass on his spleen was found.

Removal of the spleen was performed (splenectomy) and the tissue was sent away for a biopsy. It was found to be a large, but benign hematoma. Marley recovered very well from his surgery and can be seen here living his best life – minus his spleen.

This was a wonderful outcome for Marley. Without removal of his spleen, the hematoma could have ruptured and led to a large bleed into his abdomen, which would have required emergency surgery and blood transfusions.

Marley’s owners had these kind words to say:
“Marley is our first baby! He lived a wild life with us for all of our 20s and is now happy being retired at home and being big brother and protector of our human baby Summer Rose. Kylie is Marleys vet and is one our favourite people and Matamata Vets! She is a genuinely kind human being. She is lovely with both the animals she cares for, and the adults and children that love them. Kylie is able to explain medical procedures in a clear way that make informed choices easy to make. We know that when we leave Marley in Kylies care that she will do everything she can to make Marley healthy and feel loved. We are so grateful to have Kylie treat Marley! Since Marleys operation he has a new lease of life, and we are grateful for everyday that we continue to have with our very much loved family member”