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April 30, 2019

We appreciate that with the onset of winter our older furry friends are going to start feeling the cold and slow down a bit.  However don’t mistake it as ‘just old age’ in our older pets.

There are many reasons for your pet to have changes to their behavior including changes to appetite and mobility.

Early detection of changes in pets’ health enables treatment and lifestyle modifications to begin earlier and immediately ensure quality of life.

For the months of May and June we would like to support you in helping your older pets (over 8 years) by offering the Winter Wellness WOF screen at a 40% discount.

This health screen includes a full physical exam and screening bloods tests.

We will cover dental health, weight management, coat and skin health including lumps and bumps, mobility and osteoarthritis, and assess any possible changes to organ health.

Book your Winter Wellness WOF check now.

Be sure to mention you are booking in for the senior winter wellness promo to get your discount (T & C’s apply).