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Dog Safety Tips For Kids

May 23, 2012

Check its sweet before you meet!
Before going up to a dog ask permission from its owner.
Lots of dogs are friendly, but some aren’t. The owner can tell you if it is safe to go up to their dog. But still be careful. Let the dog approach you – don’t chase it if it moves away, it might not feel like meeting you that day.

To understand – they sniff your hand!
When meeting a dog let it sniff the back of your hand.
Dogs have a sense of smell that is 50 times stronger than ours. Dogs use their sense of smell to get to know strangers. Using the back of your hand keeps your fingers out of the way. Let the dog come up to you and sniff – don’t push your hand under the dog’s nose.

Chin or chest – thats the best!
After permission is given, stroke only the dog’s chin, chest or shoulders and remember to be gentle.
Dogs don’t really like being patted on their heads by strangers. They might think you are trying to hurt them.

To meet a pup – ask a grown-up!
Ask an adult before cuddling a puppy.
Mother dogs are naturally protective and may growl or snap at you to protect their puppies. But even if a puppy’s mother isn’t there, puppies can bite, jump and scratch like older dogs– so be careful and gentle. Puppies and adult dogs don’t like being picked up and hugged or kissed.

If a dog has a snack – keep well back!
Stay away from a dog that is eating or has a bone.
When they are eating, dogs might think you want to take some of their food if you try to pat them. They want to protect their food.

Keep your face – out of their space!
Never kiss or put your face down close to a dog’s face.
It’s just common sense for you to keep your face away from a dog’s teeth. Even if it doesn’t want to nip you it could hurt you accidently.

Don’t run and shout – it freaks us out!
Do not run around or shout near a dog.
Dogs react to the way we behave. If you shout or run a dog might chase or attack you. Playing fetch or obedience games with your dog is better than playing chase or tug of war games.

A dog’s not a toy – don’t tease and annoy!
Never tease, hurt or annoy a dog.
Dogs can tell us to stop only by growling or biting. Don’t tease a dog by waving food or a toy in front of it – the dog might make a grab for the food or toy and hurt you by mistake.

Quiet and slow – is the way to go!
If you are scared of a dog, move quietly and slowly away from it.
Don’t run. Stand like a tree – stand still, look at your feet and keep your arms in front of you. Don’t scream or shout. Walk away quietly and slowly. Don’t stare at the dog as you move away. If you stare, a dog might think you want to fight.