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Microchipping for cats and dogs

May 21, 2012

There is a legal requirement to have your puppy microchipped by the age of 5 months.  This is often done at the time of the last vaccination.  Alternatively it can be done at the time of desexing.  We will provide you with microchip certification with which you must provide to your local council.

New Zealand Companion Animal Registry
There is also an option to have your dogs details loaded onto this national register. If a dog goes missing anywhere in the country, the owner can still be located using the national database to check the microchip number.

There is no legal requirement to have your cat/kitten microchipped, however we recommend these pets are microchipped as they can go missing more often than dogs. Microchipping can be done at any stage but it is recommended at either the last kitten vaccination or at the time of desexing. A cat needs to be registered on the national Companion Animal Register. This national registry allows owners to be contacted regardless of where in the country their cat goes missing.