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A Warning Around Outdoor Cleaning Products!

October 11, 2020

In the last few months we have seen several cases of ingestion of outdoor cleaning products, and the trauma they can cause.

The active ingredients in these products are highly irritant to skin, the tongue, mouth and throat. They can cause ulceration of the pads, and severe ulceration of the tongue and mouth which leads to drooling, vomiting and inappetence. If high levels are ingested then damage and ulceration to the oesophagus, stomach and intestines can occur and in severe cases death.

As these products go on wet and are then left to dry pets can walk across the area and then lick their feet and ingest the toxin.

Mumma🐱, Rona🐱, and Indie🐶 are patients who were admitted to the small animal hospital after coming in contact with outdoor cleaning products that were sprayed onto areas and then left to dry.

Mumma and Rona were admitted to hospital so we could provide hydration with an IV drip, pain relief and syringe feeding while the ulcers on their tongues healed.
Indie immediately starting drooling and excessively vomiting so she had an anaesthetic so we could flush out her mouth, throat and stomach. She was lucky and didn’t have any longer lasting ulcerations so was able to go home after a short stay with us.

To help ensure your pets don’t come in contact with these products it is best to lock your pets away and let your neighbours know as well. Keep pets off until the areas are well dried.