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Are The Winter Blues Getting Your Pets Down?

June 17, 2018

Just like us, our pets experience a few winter aches and pains and love to be cozied up in a warm environment when it’s cold out.

This cold weather can be hard on our pets and especially difficult for older or overweight animals that may be struggling with joint pain and arthritis.

If you are noticing your pet sleeping more, struggling to get out of bed or looking a little stiff during the day then it may be time for them to get a check.

Things you can do to support your pet this winter:

  • Give them a warm jacket to wear
  • Provide more blankets or beds with more padding
  • Joint supplements such as ‘Sasha’s Blend’ & ‘Mobilize’
  • Ensure covered shelter out of the rain and wind
  • Warm up their food with hot water or in the microwave
  • Sneak hot water bottles into their beds
  • Manage weight to assist with joint pain