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Blocked Bladders

September 19, 2012

Isn’t it funny how things happen in runs like you don’t see a friend for months then bump into them three times in a week! The same thing happens in veterinary medicine and our recent “popular” problem has been urethral obstruction in male cats, blocking their bladder and stopping them being able to pee.

Cats can concentrate their urine very high and can result in crystals precipitating in their urine and then plugging the urethra which drains the bladder. Obviously if they cannot pee they are in trouble!! We have had three cats in just recently all with the same problem. While usually they are straight-forward to unblock, one did take some real persistence to get peeing properly again. The blockage can result in severe distension and stretching of the bladder wall which can take a while to recover.

Signs include straining and discomfort in a neutered male cat and also they often lick their rear end. If you suspect this then please seek urgent veterinary attention.

Prevention is usually by dietary management. Some specialized cat foods are designed to reduce the risk of crystals forming and are very effective .