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Broken tail mystifies owners!

June 13, 2014

Charlie is a male tabby DSH (Domestic Short Hair) cat who returned to his owners one Sunday afternoon with a very sore back and left hind leg after an unknown accident.

After an examination by the vet he was found to have a large clean laceration to the inside of his left hind leg. Under a general aneasthetic to stitch his wound, it was discovered that Charlie had blood in his urine and a lot of bruising to his abdomen. He was started on a drip to support his kidney function. Over the next 24 hrs Charlie became unable to pass urine and we suspected that he may have nerve damage from trauma. Charlie had passed urine in his cage when he first came into the clinic, but swelling and inflammation around nerves can occur a period after an injury, and effect the nerve control of urination.

After x-rays it was discovered that Charlie also had a fracture of the tail at the joint with the sacrum. It was now touch and go as Charlie had to prove to us that he could pass urine before we could take him to surgery to repair his fracture. With the help of some medications Charlie showed us 24hrs later he could urinate, to the relief of 2 very tearful owners. He was taken to surgery the next day and his tail was amputated due the nature of the fracture and the damage that had occurred.

Charlie went home the next day and his progress never looked back, though his owners are still mystified as to how he gained his injuries.