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Desexing your Cat

February 6, 2020

Did you know that in 7 years an unspeyed female cat and unneutered male cat can produce up to 781,250 kittens.
During one season (spring/summer) one female cat is able to produce 3 litters of 4-5 kittens.  She can get pregnant while still feeding the last litter of kittens and is only pregnant for about 9 weeks. Each of these kittens can follow the same cycle the next season.
This time of the year we see many female cats that have become accidentally pregnant, and there are many, many unwanted kittens again this season.
We work to support the Matamata Animal Trust to desex all the kittens and mother cats that they assist, to try to prevent Matamata’s stray cat population getting out of control.
Female and male cats can come on heat by 5-6 months.   However, we do see some cats come into heat earlier than this.
When female cats come on heat they become more affectionate, crouch with their bottom in the air and can talk and meow a lot.  Male cats are less noticeable, but they may begin to spray urine on objects and roam more.
The desexing operation is well tolerated by kittens.  They stay with us for a day, have a short anaesthetic and head home in the afternoon. The female stitches are under the skin and  many types of pain relief are used so they are very comfortable and happy afterwards.
If you would like more information on when to desex your cat please contact us