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August 25, 2013

Cat’s need to be kept secure….

 We recently had the very distressing event of a cat escaping from their owner’s arms while in the clinic car park and then disappearing over the back fence. Normally docile cats can become spooked by the different environment and decide to flee the scene and if they want to getaway they will fight for their freedom!

 This particular episode had a very happy outcome. When the owners came back to search later in the day they were very fortunate to have their cat answer their call. We are not sure who was more relieved. While a cat’s ability to find its way home is legendary, it is not a test we would willingly put our pets through.

This serves as a timely reminder for us all to always transport cats in cages. Not only does it prevent potential escape, but it protects the cat and passengers during the cat journey. It is quite possible for a cat that is not secured in a car to get under the brake pedal and cause an accident as well as injuring the cat.

 Good quality cat cages are available at the clinic for less than $50 and they will last a lifetime if looked after. While it is usually more convenient to have your own cage, we also have them available for hire.


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