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March 31, 2014

As the warmer months come to a close and with daylight savings fast approaching most of us will be gearing up for winter.  The colder months will come as a relief to many who have been struggling with the recent flea burden. With the long hot summer we’ve seen a lot of animals affected by fleas and March has been one of the worst so far.

 Unfortunately, now is not the time to relax when it comes to flea treatment. With better insulation and heating in homes these days and more and more pets that spend significant amounts of time inside, there is no longer as much of a decrease in the flea population over winter. We encourage pet owners to continue treating for fleas over the winter to help reduce the flea burden not only during the colder months but to reduce the population next summer. At any given time only about 5% of the flea population will be on the animal. The other 95% are present as eggs or larvae in the environment. By continuing your flea treatment through winter you will reduce the number of eggs and larvae in the environment which should in turn mean that less fleas will hatch next spring.

There are many options available when it comes to flea treatment for your animals so pop in and we can help you choose the most appropriate product for your animals.