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Guy Fawkes and Fireworks

November 6, 2019

Its that time of year again where we get many loud fireworks being let off that can cause considerable anxiety in our pets.

Here are a few tips for making Guy Fawkes a little less terrifying for your pets this year:

  • Provide a den or hiding place where your pet can feel safe.
  • Walk your pet during the day and toilet them early in the evening to reduce the possibility of fireworks being set off while close by.
  • Make sure all windows, doors and cat flaps are closed during the fireworks, to reduce the chance of escape.
  • While fireworks are happening, try to ignore fearful behaviour, such as panting, shaking and whining.  If possible attempt to distract your dog with training tasks, new toys, play or delectable food treats or chews.  If petting calms your dog then that’s ok.  Do not punish your pet!
  • Draw the curtains and switch on the TV to mask the noise of fireworks.
  • Try not to leave your pets alone while fireworks are going off, as they are more relaxed with a familiar person around.
  • Make sure your dog or cat has a collar on with up to date contact details (or better yet, get your pet micro-chipped) just in case they get out and are panicked by the fireworks.

Some pets get so stressed at Guy Fawkes, that giving a calming medication is warranted.
Please contact us as we can discuss this with you and decide what is best for your pet.